The Lion King 2019

This movie has been advertised since the end of last year, every time the Disney Channel was advertised it was natural that my son always asked “when are we watching The Lion King ?”. For some reason, over the long run of The Lion King 2019, Disney Channel has replayed its original movie several times with classic animations that are appealing to children because they are so colorful .

Kanda was memorizing scenes from scene to scene, and occasionally she changed film language to Indonesian so when she watched the full English version she understood what she was watching. The Lion King 1994 was able to make the kids watch without boredom, the cuteness of the characters was great too, so the name was also animated so when I saw Simba playing with Nala imagined it was like a children’s world and the songs in the movie The Lion King 1994 I think It makes more sense, why? Don’t you think so? during the Can You Feel The Love Tonight song Simba and Nala scenes during the day, when in the 1994 movie Lion King was good and good in the mood because it was late at night, followed by the scene where Simba invited the monkey to see his father’s face ?

It’s a pity that The Lion King 2019 is boring , but it doesn’t have the new feel and feel that drives me crazy, of course I hope this movie can bring in new adults like Aladdin, but in fact, all of 1994’s conversations are exactly the same, and even The Lion King 2019 is really cutting edge. jokes for shifting focus to the Scar scene questioning Sarabi’s love and this is not really important .. just be aware that there is a girl who wants to be with someone who doesn’t have a future with you.

Isn’t it cool to have a li? Well, for the sake of dubbing The Lion King 2019, it is possible to make some emotions appear, and even this is assured by a good friend that by dubbing this time he can drift into the movie scene of The Lion King 2019.

The rest of the time I think there is a movie remake error using CGI technology which is that all animals look like real, yeah it is a lion when it is angry, it is a lion if it can not express expression of love, so when Scar asked Sarabai he saw the lion hit the victim. Oh, I missed the animal characters in the previous movie. And Zuza 2019 is a little too much for my son to say, “why is Zuza so ugly?” Even though the 1994 animation featured all the characters in full color and full of expression.

Fortunately there were still Pumbaa and Timon who were entertaining but the 1994 version was even cooler and in the less than an hour movie I saw many left the cinema and I thought I was bored, and knew the next scene.

Well , it turns out that not all things have to be real, some things have to be ridiculous to be entertained. The Lion King 2019 is worth 7/10 as it appreciates the technology in this movie and if there is no technology then the value is only 6/10.

This time we watched at Imax SMS the weekend ticket cost was still 65K / Pax and as usual to save on popcorn cake outside haha ​​buy only two large 60K, if only in the cinema you can get one. Buy tickets at because there is a discount available yes, it is not cheaper to pay anyway. If you don’t have a discount? Mommy is more willing to queue haha.

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