When I'm Not Myself

Actually I have long wanted to write a review of US Film, but in fact it is all just wishful hehe. Watching this film I was forced to do with an office friend, because his age is not suitable for children.

Since seeing the poster in the cinema I’ve been curious, a woman with a mask and she’s black. The director Jordan Pele most of the audience guessed that this film would offend racists as is his habit, but the US film did not carry the slightest racial issue.

As usual, I will not discuss scene by scene but rather what digestion is digested by my head. Since the beginning, this film has been playing with the scene of a child who has gone to go to a haunted house, I’ve guessed the ending and it’s all wrong, hehe. Well indeed the risk of thriller always drains the energy to digest the film.

Interestingly, western movies can always visualize with cool between the realm and the unseen. The US film begins with a girl who enters the haunted house and in seconds she screams. Long story short, this little boy is big and already has a family, a husband, a pair of children, and himself.

When the holiday season even this family goes on vacation, unlucky that night another family member appears outside his house, but to the surprise of all like them, their husband, a pair of children, and himself. As if in a mirror but it’s not them.

I think all the trauma that appeared in the scene is a hint of the girl’s screams. So in other worlds there is a life that is exactly the same as us and separated in dimensions, for example at the moment I am writing this story then in another world there is me with the same activities.

At the end of the film I finally knew that the girl switched places, it was appropriate that after the screaming she could not speak, her silence was not traumatized but rather she was learning to adjust to her new nature. And last night we watched the movie Siderman – Far From Home in one scene re-stated that there is a different planet from the earth that is currently occupied, similar to the theory in US films.

Resistance ensued, not just one family but everyone was attacked and killed using scissors by people who were similar to him. They from other dimensions feel disappointed because we never know of their existence in other realms with backward conditions.

I was reminded when one day there was someone who was possessed by a spirit and he shouted wanting to go home by car, well they have the same life as us. Injustice often makes people want to take what we already have. US films set the story very well, because in the end I understood that it could be that the husband with me today is not my husband but someone from nature who resembles it.

Have you ever heard of someone who feels he left with his mother but not his mother, have you heard the story of a wife who feels impregnated by her husband but not her husband. In our country, this is mystical, never reviewed and not filmed. Even though this US film is more or less like that it raises a mystical theme into an exciting spectacle without having to close your eyes and be haunted with a ghostly scary face.

Even as a Muslim I also believe in supernatural beings, one of which is a Jin who can resemble the human form we know. US films make me feel satisfied enough to be able to make me curious from beginning to end. And the lesson is never to ignore other creatures even if it’s your shadow.

The message is still cool that we have indeed begun to not care about others, that the greatest fear is ourselves and the dangers we face from ourselves.

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