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Actually I have long wanted to write a review of Film Hotel Mumbai and as usual I will not discuss who the players are, who made them. Review in komburmamak is only a point of view and what lessons can be taken from a film.

This film is based on true story , in 2008 Mumbai was indeed stirred by attacks from trained terrorist groups. All public places such as the train station, hospitals, hotels and cafes that are usually surrounded by Caucasians were subjected to shootings and grenades. This incident even lasted for almost 4 days (26-29 November 2008) and only then could the situation be controlled, during which hundreds of victims died and were injured.

In this film there are some footage of actual events, video footage inserted in this film so I can see how things were very chaotic at the time. And from the other references there are several scenes in this film that are fictional to make it worth watching. The film starts with the ship moving to Mumbai and dozens of young people descend and scatter to their target locations. In each ear of the young man there are earphones connected to the head of the gang which is all his words are very heard by these terrorists.

Hatred burns their souls, the shaken takbir convinces them to go to heaven so that even if they have to die then heaven is waiting, that’s why they are so sure and not afraid to die. However, this film also illustrates how the real terrorist turmoil in carrying out the action. Money is their goal, one terrorist calls his parents crying and in the end he knows that his family will never receive the money promised. Circumstances have made him have no other choice, surrendering means also dying.

The atmosphere of the attack at the Mumbai Hotel was quite heart-wrenching and fortunately there was an Arjun Hotel Staff (a fictional character) with Chief Chef Oberoi (a real figure) working together to save hotel guests. The existence of a baby in this film makes me ache and palpitations, the struggle of the hotel guests to survive triggers various problems and this reminds me that in a state of urgency everyone will think of each other’s fate. One of the special hotel guests that night was the presence of Zahra and her American husband David, her baby Cameron and her caregiver Sally was a scene that made a nervous and finally last year Donald Trump in commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Mumbai Hotel Tragedy put up a reward for anyone who could find the mastermind behind the Mumbai attacks, this is because there are citizens who are victims. Wow mister Donald Trump attention huh hehe.

This film actually convinced me that Islam was not a terrorist, because it was very clear when Zahra said the phrase Allah the terrorist was touched by his heart. Islam will not kill and one of the terrorists admitted that he was wrong and their motivation was money. Poverty always leads someone to the wrong path. This film certainly evokes sad memories for many people, but this film will also remind us that death is very close and can happen when we want to take a vacation. From Mumbai Hotel I got the insight that if we are still needed then we will be given the opportunity to complete our tasks. This film is able to make me like watching real events and the score 7/10 this time I watched online online because this film is very fast circulating so that I did not have time to go to the cinema.

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