Bharat is an Indian film that quite drains my tears. Usually it’s rare to cry when you watch an Indian movie and in the end I know the answer, it turns out that Bharat is an Indian film that is a remake of a 2014 Korean film called Ode To My Father, uhm … this movie deserves to make me shed tears just like when watching Korean movies hiiks, sad oath!

Bharat tells the story of the struggles of Indians in the past when India and Pakistan were involved in a war on the issue of Hinduism vs. Islam, warfare ensued and resulted in many people being separated from their families. Then does Bharat have the exact same story as Korean film? The answer is yes, all the same, even the story setting is the same, namely about wartime.

This film tells the story of a family who wants to evacuate but what the power of the older brother must lose his brother because apart from his sling, the father decides to look for his younger brother and entrust messages to his eldest son to look after his mother and two younger siblings as long as his father does not return. His father mentioned the name of a shop to be visited because there was his father’s sister “Go to your aunt’s shop, wait for me there and I will take your sister there” was the message of the father and that was the last time Bharat saw the figure of my father, in tears. Bharat looked at his father and guilt made Bharat fight hard and full of energy to become his father’s successor.

Long story short, Bharat had to sacrifice his personal life (married) to make his family happy, when people started selling his shop because the concept of the mall had started to exist, then Bharat persisted not to sell it with one reason “he was still waiting for his father” his own age was already 70 years old but he always keeps his promises. Until finally there was a television program that brought families apart and Bharat ventured to register for the program and his efforts were not in vain because he finally could find his missing sister but not with his father.

His mother died after 6 months meeting his missing sister and in the end Bharat realized that his father would never come, tokopun was sold and he was married at the age of 70 with a loyal lover awaiting him.

So what are the differences between the Bharat and Ode To My Father Korean version?

  • The work of the Main Actor , the Indian Version, I think is more interesting because the struggle seems clear. Bharat started as a circus performer then worked abroad as an oil drill, became a sailor and only recently decided to buy his Aunt’s Shop. Korean version of his work in coal mining. And there was one scene that was exactly the same where there was an accident at work and Bharat almost died but survived and the Korean version was exactly the same as the conversation.
  • Adopting Adik country , the Indian version of his sister was adopted by British parents while Korean from America and all the dialogue meetings were the same and this part was enough to keep me from crying.
  • The Fate of Marriage , the Korean Version makes more sense because even though they were pregnant they ended up getting married. If the Indian version is too drama the article is the first time watching an Indian film there is a couple who is not married but lives together hehe, well his name is also Indian hehe.
  • Physical Main Actor , Indian duh is too old to cook grandfather aged 70 years can have a body that is so good and strong hehe. Eh, but if I see Salman Khan, it’s really durable. While the Korean version of the physical age of the 70-year-old grandfather is clearly depicted in a fitting, limping way and hunched body.

Well if you’re curious to watch first, then let me know which version you like the most? This film reminds me not to burden children with promises. For us maybe we would not have thought our children would hold fast to our words, but for children? Our speech actually sometimes becomes a barrier to happiness.

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