" /> This is a leaked form of Oppo Reno4 | Marabunta Family Cyber

Oppo step on the gas. Just launched the Reno3 Series device, this time Oppo is reportedly preparing a Reno4 device. This was revealed through leaked images in circulation.

Pictures uploaded through the @iceuniverse account, visible on the front and back of the cellphone from Reno4. As in the picture, the successor to Reno3 still adopts a Quad Camera on the back.

However, all four appear to have a lens size larger than Reno3. Three camera sensors are arranged vertically, while the fourth camera looks parallel to the third camera. Followed by the LED Flash light on the left of the first sensor.

Reno4 allegedly still outperformed the camera. Because the Chinese writing in the picture is called ‘Super Night Video’. Specifically for connectivity, Oppo Reno4 supports 5G networks. Unfortunately, not many specifications are revealed through this picture.

However, the authenticity of the Reno4 form is not yet certain, some consider it a fake design. However, do not rule out the possibility of Reno4 will be the next mobile phone that will be released Oppo. We wait.