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In the midst of a pandemic, medical personnel are at the forefront of dealing with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including Ramadan this time.

In order to give enthusiasm and appreciation for this noble duty, GrabFood invites customers to work together to donate food to the medical staff at 25 leading Guard Nutrition hospitals spread across DKI Jakarta and its surroundings.

This initiative, supported by BenihBaik, is not only intended as a form of support for the front line fighters, but also to encourage local culinary efforts in the midst of this pandemic.

Hadi Surya, Head of Marketing of GrabFood, Grab Indonesia, explained that his party would like to invite the Indonesian people to contribute in providing facilities for medical staff who continue to serve the Indonesian people during this pandemic.

“Even though it is simple, we hope that this initiative will not only foster a spirit of togetherness, but also continue to drive the economic wheel thanks to contributions from the entire GrabFood ecosystem, ranging from customers, merchant partners to delivery partners,” he said.

To be able to participate in this movement, GrabFood customers only need to order menus from the Green GrabFood Choice Restaurants that participate using the ShareKebaikan promo code.

Through each menu ordered, customers have helped provide one portion of food for medical personnel during Ramadan.

Starting May 9, GrabFood has distributed more than 13,000 food packages in the first phase and will continue to collect the number of orders to be distributed in the next stages.

Food shipments will be carried out three times each weekend, until 31 May.