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The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) together with Telkomsel announced collaboration in carrying out collective efforts to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia. In the COVID-19 Operations Handling and Prevention program initiated by PMI, Telkomsel is trusted to provide FleetSight internet of things (IoT) solutions, Telkomsel Order Management System (TOMS) and Asset Performance Management (APM), which will help PMI continue to implement physical restrictions (physical distancing) in the management of operational vehicles, spraying disinfectants, as well as temperature monitor boxes containing blood plasma in the COVID-19 countermeasure program.

This collaboration is a continued effort of Telkomsel which continues to move forward to take an active role in mutual cooperation efforts with all elements of the nation to control the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia through the use of technology.

The COVID-19 Handling and Prevention Operation is PMI’s initiative in conducting mitigation and prevention efforts in tackling the spread of the corona virus, as well as providing assistance to health facilities and medical personnel. The program has been running in various regions since last March. PMI scheduled the COVID-19 Operation and Prevention Operations program to be carried out for six months until September in 34 Provinces in Indonesia.

Setyanto Hantoro, President Director of Telkomsel, said that his party welcomed the collaboration with PMI in strengthening collective efforts between lines, as well as being very proud that Telkomsel’s IoT solution was trusted in helping to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. This initiative proves that the use of IoT technology can effectively reduce human involvement, especially when physical restrictions are needed, while keeping operational activities unhindered.

“We are also very pleased, the IoT solution that we present not only has a real impact on business interests across industries, but also to support the successful implementation of disaster management as conducted by PMI in the Covid-19 Operations Handling and Prevention Operations program,” he said.

Setyanto then added, “Telkomsel’s collaboration with PMI is in line with Telkomsel’s concern for the health and safety of the Indonesian people. We are also committed to moving forward together with all elements of Indonesian society, in carrying out Telkomsel’s role as a digital telco company by providing digital solutions that can help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. “

PMI Secretary General Sudirman Said said, “This collaboration is a tangible form of commitment and collaboration of the corporation to get involved and participate in efforts to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak. The role of technology is very helpful for certain communities and institutions in preventing corona virus. With this technology, it is expected to be able to help PMI, especially in vehicle management and management of operational activities. “

In COVID-19 Handling and Prevention Operations, Telkomsel plays a role in providing IoT FleetSight and TOMS services to carry out control functions around the fleet of PMI vehicles. Whereas APM services are provided to monitor temperature boxes containing blood plasma which are sent from PMI Blood Donor Unit (UDD) to hospitals in the Greater Jakarta area. Provision of the solution includes the provision of the required equipment, the FleetSight, TOMS and APM application licenses, as well as the data connectivity used to access the application.

Telkomsel FleetSight is a vehicle fleet management solution, and is used to monitor 30 tank trucks used in the COVID-19 Operation and Prevention Operations program. In later implementation, the solution will record information such as route selection, operating hours, driving behavior, to speed, and display it in the form of insight and data. In addition, FleetSight is also able to combine the data with a real-time warning system that informs of operational violations, such as speed that exceeds the limit, vehicles operating out of schedule, or choosing an inappropriate route.

Furthermore, the TOMS service is a solution for managing operational activities, which will be used to monitor every vehicle used by PMI for spraying disinfectants in certain areas and reporting on these activities. The solution will be end-to-end operational management, from vehicle scheduling to operational reports. This is made possible by the ability of TOMS to make vehicle deployment plans with the best route, supervise the workforce in real-time, to provide a dashboard that can be integrated with user devices to view operational reports easily, anywhere and anytime.

While the APM solution is an asset management solution and will be used to monitor real-time temperature boxes containing blood plasma sent from UDD PMI to hospitals spread across Greater Jakarta. Each box contains a blood plasma bag with a temperature of at least -20 degrees Celsius, to maintain the quality of the blood plasma. The solution will be used end-to-end with a device to monitor the location of the truck and the temperature of the box carried by the truck, a dashboard that can be used anywhere by end-users, and notifications when there is an increase in temperature so that the quality of the blood plasma is can be guaranteed when arriving at the destination.

“This collaborative effort is expected to accelerate the COVID-19 Operation and Prevention Operations program so that its benefits can be felt by more people throughout the country. Telkomsel will also continue to be open with various forms of collaboration and mutual cooperation with the government, institutions and any element of society in the effort to cope with the COVOD-19 pandemic and its impact in Indonesia, “concluded Setyanto.